Trastra Fees And Limits

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Last update: June 10, 2021

Service Fees

Account registration Free
5 Multi-Crypto wallets activation Free
Payment account creation Free
Card order* €9.00
Card delivery Free
Monthly Card management** €1.25
Mobile apps Free
*An equivalent amount will be deducted from your crypto wallet; ** The first charge is made after the first card load

Card Fees

Crypto Exchange / Card load fee €0.00
Offline card purchase (€) €0.00
Online card purchase (€) €0.00
non-Euro card purchase (online, offline) 3% of transaction value
Internal Card to Card transfers €0.20
ATM Balance Inquiry €0.35
ATM PIN Change €0.40
ATM € withdrawal* €2.25
ATM withdrawal non-€ or outside European Economic Area* €2.25 + 3%
*some ATM providers may charge an additional fee and should advise you before you confirm the transaction.

Card limits

Maximum card balance limit €8,000.00
Daily Spend limit €7,700.00
Daily ATM withdrawal limit €300.00
Overall Daily spend limit €8,000.00
Weekly limit No weekly limit
Monthly limit No monthly limit
Annual limit No annual limit

Crypto Fees

Deposit crypto Free
Exchange Crypto to EUR Free
Buy Crypto 5%
Send crypto to external wallet standard mining fee *
Send crypto to TRASTRA internal wallet Free
ETH transfer to external wallet 0,015ETH
USDC transfer to external wallet 20USDC
* high priority/speed can be selected, with extra fee

Crypto Purchase Limits

Minimum amount per purchase €50.00
Maximum amount per purchase* €6 000.00
Total purchase limit per week** €15 000.00
Total purchase limit per month €50 000.00
* The maximum amount of the first purchase is €1 000.00; ** During the first seven days, the total purchase limit will be set at €3 000.00
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