Trastra Fees And Limits

Fair fees without hidden costs

Last update: June, 19, 2019

Fees for Services

Account registration Free
5 Multi-Crypto wallets activation Free
Payment account creation Free
Card order €9.00
Card delivery Free
Monthly Card management €1.25
Mobile apps Free

Crypto transfers

Deposit crypto Free
Exchange crypto to EUR or USD Free
Send crypto to external wallet ETH = 0,005 ETH /
Blockchain Fee for the rest
Send crypto to internal wallet Free

Card transactions

Card load fee Free
Domestic POS Purchase €0.00
POS Purchase with Foreign Exchange €1.00 + 2%
ATM withdrawal €1.50
ATM Transaction with Foreign Exchange €1.50 + 2%
ATM Balance Inquiry €0.35
ATM PIN Change €0.40
Internal Card to Card transfers €0.20

Card limits

Maximum account balance (point in time) €5,000.00
Daily spend limit €1,300.00
Daily ATM limit €300.00
Daily POS transaction limit €1,000.00

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